Sunday, May 13, 2018

Visit to K1

On a hot day on the 8th of May grade 5C went to visit K1, we got there by walking it was like you were melting, the point of going there was to experience how our transitions to middle school would feel.

First when we got there we were kind of confused and excited because we did not know what would happen so we were really excited to see what would happen. Then Ms. Angela started to read a book that was call “Who Sank the Boat”, then at the end of the book she started to ask us who we thought sank the boat and what the possibilities could be if someone went on the boat first and it was kind of a math lesson.

Afterwards Ms. Angela showed us a song that started like this open shut them open shut and kept going then we started to follow her and then it went on for a minute or two.started to teach us how to count in different ways and it was really fun. Then she showed us another song that is called “Speckled Frogs”.

Then we took 10 photos and then in every photo that had to be a different object/item and in the first photo there was one photo of one object/item then in the second photo there would be a different object/item where there would be to of that item and so on so on.

I think that visit was really fun because it brought back some memories and it was really fun doing easy things.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Grade 4 & 5 Concert

First of all the concert was in the theatre and this is a little review, The concert was pretty repetitive things happened over and over we thought it was really long and it was kind of uneventful just doing it for a long time and waiting but even though we played like 5 songs both on instruments and singing. In my opinion the concert was funny at some parts but at the same time the concert was a bit dull, uneventful and tedious.

To start with the band performance that I played in was really funny because me and my
friends pieces of music kept on falling down from the stand because the stand was too
upright so when we put one of our pieces up then the other one fell down then it kept on
repeating so it was really funny but kind of embarrassing at the same time, but it was fine
then when we started to play then it became entertaining.

After watching the grade 4 & 5 strings it was really tiring and exhausting because we just
had to wait for a long time and it was kind of repetitive because that after one song then
there was another song and it was just really uneventful when we were waiting for them to
be done. Even though at the end it was uneventful the beginning was really fun.

Lastly when we were singing our final two songs it was kind of depressing because the
songs were not that great because it was kind of slow and not that upbeat and it was just
kind of dull, but the good thing was that we played well and sang well so we got
congratulated and it was kind of nice to just get it over with.

Just to end this in my opinion it was a great but long and a tiring show and a funny and a
entertaining show.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Is Bayern Munchen the Best Football Team in the World or Not The Best Football Team

Bayern Munchen is a German, professional football team that are in the top 5 best football teams in the
world. Football fans are undecided if Bayern Munchen is the best soccer team in the world or if they are
not the best but still are very good, but there are a few people that say that they will never be the best
team in the world.

One of the reasons why Bayern Munchen is the best team in the world is because that they have some
of the best football players in the world that are not new to the game but know the game fairly well and
some people say that those football players undoubtedly going to be the best players in the world or
already are the best players in the world for example James Rodriguez, Robert Lewandowski and many
other soccer players. Bayern Munchen hasn’t only been good in 2017,2018 but before the team that
there is now they had some of the best players and they have been the best team in the world.

Another reason is that these players have had a lot of experience and that they know the good tactics
and what they should do and what they shouldn't do. Also their coach is Jupp Heynckes and he has the
10th most goals scored in the U23 squad UEFA cup and Europa League, so he is also a very good
football player but is now retired and is the manager of Bayern Munchen, and that the history has been
very good because that the first few players that found Bayern Munchen in 1900 they won the European
cup 3 times in a row. Bayern has also won the UEFA cup, European cup winners cup, UEFA super cup
and FIFA club World cup. Making it one of the most and best international clubs in history.

Now on the other hand, Bayern Munchen is not the only really good football team but there are also other
teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, PSG and many others. And in all of those
teams there are also some very good football players for example Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Suarez,
Benzema, Aubameyang, Griezmann etc.

Also that the other teams have good experience and are very good and they have very good and
experienced teams that will or have won cups in different leagues and many other things so sometimes they play tough teams so they don’t always win they sometimes lose.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Fraction Do's and Don'ts

 1. The first one is false because that the denominator is not the same so that if you have 1/2 and you try to make it equivalent using fifths then it is not possible so you can't get the answer to the question so that means that it is false.

2. The second one is also false because it is the exact same thing that happened with the first one you can make a ninth in 1/4.

3. Now the third one is true because 1/2 is the same as 2/4, so if you do 2/4+1/4=3/4 so there is you answer.

4. Now the last one is also false because that 3/4 is the same as 9/12 so the answer is already bigger than the answer that the photo shows so then it is false.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Government Opinion

I preferred... Democracy out of Monarchy, Anarchy, Dictatorship and Democracy. I preferred Democracy because that everyone could kind of chose what to do that day and not only one person could chose what to do the day.

I didn't like...  Dictatorship because that they were so strict and it was so annoying because we had to draw with our mouths and all sorts of things so that is why I did not like dictatorship.

Democracy Reflection

A democracy means... that you have to vote for a party and that makes a
debate where the people of that country would vote if that party should be elected
 and then in each group there would be like a head of that party and then if that party
 wins the head in that group would be president or something like that. 
In a democracy the citizens have to... vote for a party that they are interested
in or just because the party makes good statements or even just because they
don't want to vote for the other party for some reason.
The government has to... See if the person who is in the debate is good and then
 make the person president or something like that. 
A democracy is successful if/when... a party gets chosen and the head in that party
 is elected as president. 
personal comment
Being a part of a democracy made me feel… annoyed and kind of happy, i was
annoyed because that when we went to to the assembly on the way if there was two
 or more ways to go there and then Ms. Angela always said which way should we
 go this way or this way and then we had to vote which way we had to go and it just
 took forever, but I was happy because then we elected a president and then the
president could chose what we had to do for the rest of the day but still the other
party's that joined the debate the head of the the group would also be able to give
suggestions and chose what we would do the rest of the day but then they would
have some advisers depending on which place they would be in, so then we did not
 have to vote which way we should go out.
I would change… that we had to vote on which way we should go or go out.
I would keep... everything except that we had to vote on which way we should
go or go out.
A colour I would choose to represent democracy would be... orange because
that it was annoying and fun.
Image result for democracyA symbol I would choose to represent democracy would be...  because it
represents democracy
Image result for democracy symbolAn image I would choose to represent democracy would be... because this is the democratic party in the U.S.

Dictatorship Reflection